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Kangra Shirts Online for your Winter

20 12 2022

Kangra Shirts Online for your Winter

The Kangra sweaters online for your winter are not items for everyone, but they belong to a niche brand that only those who love fashion will truly appreciate. The very fine yarns, the delicate sensation to the touch, the warmth they promise and the fact that they are entirely Made in Italy (but made with yarns that come from the best producing countries) make the garments of this brand truly unique and dedicated to those who want an outfit not flashy, but able to stand out from the crowd.

Alpaca, yak, cashmere, pure virgin wool are the most used materials in the creation of a collection that will accompany you throughout the winter, both for free time and for work.

Kangra was founded in Emilia Romagna in 1967 with the name of Hadam's Creazioni: it is a family knitwear factory that focuses entirely on cashmere creations. The company strategy is to forge strong commercial relationships with countries producing quality materials, to directly access an exceptional raw material, processed without exploitation, from which to obtain very high quality yarns at competitive prices. Furthermore, the chosen fibers never contain harmful derivatives, as required by official provisions in the textile sector.

The brand's official communication revolves around the phrase "A story founded on cashmere" , which exactly reflects the mood of the collections.

The fine yarns are combined with attention to the creation of the design and its realization in the Kangra sweaters for your winter , as well as the attention to every detail and the ability to combine the undeniable love for tradition with that for a modernity capable of make the brand's sweaters always current. The Kangra style is not for everyone, but only for those who love the sensation of delicacy on the skin and know how to distinguish a high-quality yarn from a cheap one by touch.


Kangra sweaters online for a winter with style

Who says sweaters can't be stylish? The online Kangra sweaters for your winter range from a casual style to becoming smart and suitable for work and social events.

For example, the textured turtleneck sweater , with elasticated cuffs and ribbed bottom, mélange composed of wool, cashmere and silk is a very interesting model to wear with a pair of elegant trousers and moccasins or ankle boots . If you are a cardigan lover, the woven cardigan , with double slider zip closure, in 100% wool is available in many colors, which you can match with the rest of your work wardrobe.

For off-duty moments, such as a ski holiday or an aperitif in the city, we recommend the Kangra crew-neck sweaters with a shaded mélange effect, which you can combine with jeans and sports or mountain shoes . But don't forget that, on Kssuomo , you can also find cable-knit crew-neck sweaters and those with roll necks, to wear with a pair of cargo trousers and sneakers .

Each Kangra garment immediately takes you back to a dimension where luxury and pampering all to yourself are a must. The very soft cashmere that comes, for example, from Mongolia, is truly a wonderful way to pamper yourself. And the timeless design will allow you to wear these precious garments in the coming seasons too, always showing you are in step with the times.

How to match Kangra sweaters on Kissuomo

When you have chosen one of the Kangra sweaters online for your winter you have to find a suitable match and in the Kissuomo store you will certainly have no difficulty. If you want to face the winter with style and with the certainty of not suffering from the cold, then the right choice is a jacket from the legendary Stone Island brand, a timeless cornerstone of Made in Italy. For shoes, we recommend a New Balance model that is solid and suitable for winter temperatures, such as the Shando 5439, with a sole suitable for both road and off-road use, or the X Hierro V7 - 5436, which guarantee a super cushioned stride . With this ensemble , you will certainly not go unnoticed, because with these brands you immediately show that you are a man who knows how to choose what is best for him and who does so decisively!