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Amanthe Men Kissuomo


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Reveal your Style with the Amanthe Men Collection

We set the pace of contemporary fashion by exploring the curves, cuts and colors of avant garde style. In our Amanthe Men collection, we gather pieces of timeless charm, refined elegance and enchanting uniqueness. This line is the meeting point between tradition of the most prestigious reinterpretations of male style, and the innovation of new trends, in a constant search for perfection.

Amanthe Men is the synthesis of what we seek to convey: an iconic collection that stands out for its excellent design, careful selection of materials, right down to the attention to handmade details. It is a signature of excellence in the global fashion scene that encompasses the very essence of the Kissuomo brand.

We strongly believe that every man should be able to find in each garment a way to express himself. Try new combinations, challenge the codes of men's clothing, and reinvent your wardrobe: with every choice, with every blend of shapes and hues, you'll be the star.

With Amanthe Men we give free rein to our philosophy, offering a selection of international brands and emerging realities to give you a unique shopping experience.

  • You will discover garments designed and made to reflect the dynamism of modern lifestyle, mixing functionality and aesthetics.
  • Experience the pleasure of wearing high-quality clothes, made with passion and skill.
  • Explore a universe of different styles gathered under the umbrella of our store, for an offer that is always up-to-date, always different, always in line with the latest trends.

Every piece of the Amanthe Men collection reflects the essence of our brand: a continuous evolution without ever losing the identity of our store. Choose Amanthe Men for your style, choose Kissuomo for your identity.

Browse through the items in the collection and discover what will become the next icon of your wardrobe.