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Adidas Men

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Adidas Originals 8496 Sneakers Stan S...

45 1/3 46


Adidas Originals 8495 Gazelle



Adidas Originals 8608 Sneakers Gazell...

42 42 2/3 43 1/3 44 2/3


Adidas Originals 8607 Sneakers Gazelle

42 42 2/3 43 1/3 44 +


Adidas Originals 8606 Sneakers Forum ...

41 1/3 46


Adidas Originals 8605 Sneakers Samba Og

41 1/3 42 42 2/3 43 1/3 +


Adidas 7843 Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Primek...

43 1/3 44 45 1/3 41 1/3 +


Adidas 7842 Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Primek...

42 2/3 41 1/3 42 43 1/3 +


Adidas Sneakers 7830 Yeezy 350 Zebra ...

42 2/3 41 1/3 42 43 1/3 +


Adidas Sneakers 7829 Yeezy 350 Onyx P...

42 43 1/3 44 45 1/3 +


Adidas Sneakers 7828 Yeezy 350 Carbon...

44 2/3 41 1/3 42 42 2/3 +

Adidas Men's Collection: Sportiness Meets Style

Adidas, one of the world's most famous sports brands, has consolidated its reputation by creating products that combine functionality and quality design. In line with Kissuomo's philosophy, the inspiration for this refined selection of Adidas products for men comes from a unique fusion between eclectic aesthetics and sports innovation.

The emphasis of Adidas on high technology, contemporary bold design and respect for the history of sports design are reflected in each item of our collection. Whether it's iconic sneakers, extremely comfortable sports clothing or accessories with a catchy design, each item tells a story of dynamism and progress.

Respect the Tradition, Challenge the Future

Bringing Adidas designs into your wardrobe means incorporating a worldview that respects tradition and welcomes innovation. The constant evolution of production techniques and the use of cutting-edge materials combine with an aesthetic that has stood the test of time to create a truly unique Adidas men's collection.

  • Sneakers: From classic Stan Smiths to modern Ultraboosts, Adidas continues to reinvent the concept of sneakers. You will find models that take inspiration from decades of sports design, modernized with the most advanced production technologies.
  • Clothing: The collection includes t-shirts, hoodies and trousers that offer the utmost comfort while maintaining a strong aesthetic appeal. Thanks to innovative materials and carefully studied design, every Adidas item can meet the needs of active, stylish men.
  • Accessories: Adidas accessories complete this collection by offering a range of products from backpacks to caps. Functional and with a carefully crafted design, they are ideal for anyone wanting to express their own personality through the details.

Adidas and Kissuomo: A Marriage of Style

With the Adidas men's collection, Kissuomo celebrates how the international brand has managed to reinterpret sports tradition through the lens of modern design. This unique and original stylistic selection offers an overview of the best that Adidas has to offer in terms of clothing, shoes and accessories for men. Browse the collection and discover the perfect fusion of style and sportiness.