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RRD Men's Clothing


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Explore the RRD Men's collection by Kissuomo

RRD, an acronym rich in meaning for Roberto Ricci Designs, is an Italian fashion brand imbued with passion, innovation and design. Our RRD Men's collection from Kissuomo perfectly embodies these values, offering you unique clothing pieces that combine style and high technical performance.

Designed for the modern man who does not give up on elegance or comfort, the RRD Men's collection ranges from sophisticated clothes to casual wear, through to sporty solutions suitable for everyday life. Discover our parkas, jackets, coats, duvets and much more, all designed and made with the utmost attention to detail.

  • Affordable luxury: RRD Men's products are made with high-quality materials - such as cashmere, wool and cotton - and using production methods that have been carefully studied. This allows us to offer luxury at an affordable price.
  • Avant-garde design: RRD Men is known for its innovative and contemporary style, which combines classic and modern trends in a harmonious and seductive mix.
  • Versatility: Whether you are looking for an outfit for a special occasion or comfortable clothing for everyday activities, our RRD Men's collection has what you need.

Experience the authenticity of RRD Men with Kissuomo's exclusive collection. We propose both international brands and emerging fashion realities, following the constantly evolving seasonal trend without ever losing the unique identity of our store. We value each piece by presenting it with care and offering attentive and efficient customer service.

In short, our RRD Men's collection represents a perfect synthesis of style, quality, innovation and design, guiding values in every choice we make. Remember, elegance is not just a matter of clothing but also of attitude: choose RRD Men and embrace a quality lifestyle.


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