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Online men's cutter

13 01 2023

Online men's cutter

We always await the new Tagliatore men's collection online with a mixture of trepidation and pleasure, because the garments of this brand of Made in Italy excellence express all that sober refinement and elegance, typical of our country. The man who chooses Tagliatore does so because he loves fashion, because being "well dressed" makes him feel at his best, because he loves touching soft and precious fabrics and feeling their consistency on his skin. Impeccable on every occasion - from work to free time - his must is to stand out from the crowd and show his true character. TheTagliatore men's garments online that you find in our store, such as the wonderful must-have jackets and sweaters , express all the Italian style, which you can combine with sneakers or laced shoes , always making a great impression. The fit of the garments is always perfect, almost as if it were designed and made to measure for those who love style and have a dynamic and active lifestyle .

Take a look at our store and you will discover garments that do not suffer the indignities of passing seasons, but which remain timeless.


Cutter man, a story forever

The history of the Italian brand Tagliatore, online on Kissuomo , is that of an Apulian family that begins with the cutting (hence the name "Tagliatore") of the shoe uppers, which are sewn by the grandmother of Pino Lelario, father of the future founder of the brand . We are in the 1940s, when artisan activities, and all the skills connected to them, were handed down from generation to generation. In 1972, Francesco (Pino's son) converted the production of shoes into that of coats and jackets , giving life to a real artisan tailoring, with a laboratory that conceived and created those garments which, even today, represent the icon of brand: coats and jackets. The name Tagliatore was chosen as a tribute to the original family tradition and, over time, the production also expanded to include women's fashion. The brand's garments spread like wildfire throughout Italy and then to the rest of the world: the genderless style, the perfect cuts, the very fine materials are the winning choice for a Made in Italy brand that represents the top in Italian fashion . Today, the Lelario family can count on a close-knit team of around 180 people, who work hard on each collection, so that it is always better than the previous one. And his garments have acquired such resonance that they have become the favorite choice of some directors, as Tim Burton did when he wanted Tagliatore garments for his Bruce Wayne. The fabrics chosen, a touch of class for the brand, come exclusively from the Biella district and from England, the places that have made yarns their main activity. Since 1972, Tagliatore Uomo (online on Kissuomo) represents the luxury and class of those who love to stand out and choose to do so every day, for example with the wonderful light blue velvet jacket , which you can also combine with jeans , for an informal, but with taste.

In our store, you can also find the beautiful mouliné jacket , with lapel collar, two buttons, unlined, made of virgin wool, alpaca and that pinch of elastane that makes it close-fitting and tailor-made. In addition to jackets, a true Tagliatore must, there are also classic sweaters , such as the elegant and very soft mélange turtleneck , in virgin wool and silk: a caress on the skin. Same soft composition also for the crew-neck models, to be worn under a jacket or as a stand-alone garment, to also be worn with a pair of joggers and sneakers .

Take a look at the items in our store now and find the ones you will no longer be able to part with. Need some pairing suggestions? So, read on…

How to match Tagliatore men online on Kissuomo

Classy garments like those by Tagliatore Uomo match with those of other Italian luxury brands, which you can find on Kissuomo . Let's talk, for example, about Kangra , whose sweaters lend themselves to a combination with the brand's jackets. And what about Barena Venezia which, with its coats and shirts , offers valid support for both casual looks and serious and elegant outfits?