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Premiata Mick sneakers for men online

09 10 2023

Premiata, with its origins rooted in historical Italy, represents a bright chapter in the narrative of Italian fashion. In the context of shoemaking art, few brands can boast such a rich and passionate heritage. The genesis of the brand dates back to an era when shoes were not just an accessory, but a declaration of intent, a distinctive sign of elegance and craftsmanship.

A sneaker, a story
Mick Sneakers are not just a product; they represent a journey through time. From the first sketch to the finished shoe, each step testifies to the evolution of a model that has become iconic in the footwear scene. The passion and dedication with which these sneakers are made are evident in every detail, every stitching, every design choice.

Materials and Design: Mick's heart
If there is one word to define Mick sneakers, that word is 'excellence'. The obsessive care in the choice of materials, combined with a design that blends tradition and modernity, gives life to a product that has no equal. The finest leathers, chosen by master craftsmen, are combined with cutting-edge fabrics, creating a play of contrasts that is as bold as it is balanced.

The robustness of the soles, combined with their surprising lightness, speaks of years of research, of trial and error, of an incessant dedication towards innovation. And it's not just the great choices that make the difference. It is the details, those almost imperceptible touches, that define the elegance of these sneakers: the subtle stitching, the precisely placed logos, the unmistakable shape that makes them immediately recognisable.


Adaptability: Mick's true strength
Premiata's Micks shine with versatility. Wearing them is equivalent to owning an accessory capable of adapting to any context, without ever losing sight of elegance. From the professional environment of an office to the vibrant chaos of a metropolis, from the quiet of a weekend at the seaside to the effervescence of a social event, Mick knows no boundaries.

And this versatility is not limited to the aesthetic aspect alone. Comfort, in fact, is a fundamental component of these sneakers, making every step a pleasant and natural experience.

Rewarded and eco-sustainability
In the contemporary era, one cannot fail to talk about sustainability. Premiata has forcefully embraced this ideal, committing itself to the creation of environmentally friendly products. The Mick sneakers are the result of this commitment: eco-sustainable materials, production processes attentive to the ecosystem, and a strong bond with the territory and local communities. Ethics and aesthetics meet, giving life to something truly special.

Premiata's online universe is a sensorial journey. Discovering and owning a pair of Mick sneakers means becoming part of a story made of passion, tradition, and incessant pursuit of excellence. These shoes are not just a fashion accessory, they are a piece of art, a statement, an emblem of the brand and what it represents.

The mission of Premiata con le Mick is clear: to offer a product that represents the perfect fusion between past and present. And in doing so, the brand not only celebrates its rich history, but also looks to the future, ready to challenge and redefine the aesthetic standards of tomorrow.