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Workshop 36 autumn winter

26 09 2023

Officina 36, ​​an emblem of Italian style and elegance, is preparing to welcome the winter season with a collection that embodies a masterful balance between tradition and innovation, presenting garments that exude an aura of renewed classicism.

Union of Past and Present
The new autumn and winter collection by Officina 36 is a tribute to the past, reworked in a contemporary key. The brand, faithful to its philosophy, reinvents the classics of the men's wardrobe, offering pieces with a refined design and clean lines, made with top quality materials.

Unmistakable style
Officina 36 does not give up its essence, placing emphasis on tailoring and details. Each garment is the result of meticulous stylistic research and expert craftsmanship, which is reflected in clothes, shirts and accessories with a precise cut and impeccable fit, capable of enhancing the male figure in all its forms.

Chromatic Palette
The color palette selected for this season plays with winter and earthy tones, shades of blue, gray and brown mix with touches of brighter colors, giving life to versatile looks that adapt to any occasion, from formal to informal.

Fabrics and Materials
The choice of fabrics is oriented towards warm and comfortable materials, such as wool and cashmere, ideal for facing low temperatures in style. These materials, combined with functional and current designs, make each garment a must-have in the winter wardrobe.


Elegance and Versatility
Officina 36's autumn collection stands out for its versatility. Coats and jackets can easily be paired with jeans for a casual look, or with elegant trousers for a more refined outfit. Officina 36's proposals allow you to navigate between different occasions of use, always maintaining a high standard of elegance and refinement.

In a period in which sustainability is a priority, Officina 36 does not lag behind. The brand pays attention to the origin of its materials and production processes, ensuring that each piece is made with respect for the environment and people.

Officina 36, ​​with its new autumn-winter collection, confirms its commitment to creating high quality fashion, characterized by an unmistakable style and great attention to detail. The union of tradition and innovation is reflected in garments that are elegant, comfortable and versatile at the same time, ready to accompany the modern man in every moment of his day.

The sartorial elegance of Officina 36, ​​enriched by a touch of modernity and a deep respect for the environment, makes this collection a point of reference for all lovers of fashion and style.