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New Premiata Mick Online

25 03 2023

New Premiata Mick Online

The new Premiata Mick online is part of the brand's new collection , which has been popular in Italy and abroad for many years. Like every year, on Kissuomo , we have selected the most popular Premiata sneakers and we are proud to be able to distribute a Made in Italy brand, whose history begins in 1885 and has never stopped.

From the very first years, the brand has concentrated its efforts on the choice and treatment of the raw material, very high quality leather, worked by master craftsmen who have always known how to give a splendid and ergonomic shape to shoes that have always accompanied the man who alternates elegance with casual style.

Premiata sneakers are, in fact, high-performance shoes that you could also wear in the gym, but they are designed above all for your everyday lifestyle: you can wear them at work, in informal environments, for free time, for an aperitif or dinner, for Sunday at the seaside or in the mountains, for travelling. In short, with Premiata and her Micks you can have the world at your feet!

The Premiata production, which was once expressly hand made , today relies on latest generation machines, which are part of a production process still linked to the past and the rhythms of the artisans. All this has always given rise to collections that prefer an unconventional philosophy to the dictates of the market, based on aesthetic pleasure, comfort and originality. Instinct beats calculation, the norm and conventionality are outclassed by innovative ideas and shapes that satisfy both those who produce them and those who wear them.

For this reason, this year's collection also features the brand's must-have sneakers , revisited with an eye attentive to contemporaneity, but also to the pleasure of those who design them. Cult objects that adapt well both to a pair of jeans and a t-shirt , and to a jacket and shirt.


Mick sneakers, a Premiata classic

The new Premiata Mick online on Kissuomo are a must-have model of the brand, revised to always be very current, without bowing to a frantic search for the "trend" at all costs. This sneaker is part of the new collection that we are proud to present to you!

Mick is a model whose upper is a mix of different materials and quality leathers: on one side nylon and on the other suede make the shoe light and breathable. The tongue is sewn with fabric that respects the main shade. The sole is made of rubber and guarantees adherence and grip while walking; furthermore, the height of 3.5 cm under the heel ensures a nice upward swing. Added to this are the notes related to comfort: padded collar, classic flat laces, removable ergonomic footbed, leather lining. The Mick model is available on our store in different color mixes: white/bluette, blue/ice, ice/black, white/green and many other colors.

Don't forget that, in our store, you will also find the other fantastic models of Premiata sneakers , such as the timeless Andy, the Bonnie, the Sean, the Eric, the Lucy, each distinguished by its own inspiration, such as that of the 80s sports shoes or 90's.

Choose the model that most distinguishes you and you will see that its style will accompany you not only for this season, but also for years to come, thanks to the evergreen lines and the highest quality materials, which make these shoes indestructible. In our store, you will find the new Premiata collection in all its splendor, but also many items of clothing to combine for a casual chic look, which will get you noticed at every step!

How to match the new Premiata Mick online on Kissuomo

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