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New Balance latest releases

18 01 2023

New Balance latest releases

The latest New Balance releases can be found on Kissuomo , where there is never a shortage of the best when it comes to shoes , sneakers and clothing . The models we have chosen are the latest creations of an Anglo-American brand that for decades has accompanied athletes, amateurs and people who love comfort and aesthetics in their free time. The New Balance men's collection is made up of massive and bold models, suitable both for sports and walking on extra-urban routes, and for a very dynamic city lifestyle! From the XC 72 to the Shando, from the classic 574RZ to the X Hierro V7, don't miss the new and revised models that are becoming popular on the market, in Italy and abroad. Take, for example, the X Hierro V7 : by purchasing them, you will enjoy the benefits of a breathable and lightweight mesh and synthetic fabric upper; of a fresh foam midsole, designed to offer you cushioning like no other; of a waterproof fabric that protects your run or walk from wind and rain; of a bootie structure that ensures a snug fit and Toe Protect technology that protects the foot from the dangers of the terrain, be it rocks, roots or sharp stones. In short, you will have a super performing shoe, which you can still wear even for an aperitif with friends, to complete an easy and casual look. And which you can combine with many other brands, which you can find here on Kissuomo !


New Balance, a success story

New Balance is a very well-known brand and its latest releases are always awaited by its fans with great trepidation. But did you know that its history goes back more than a hundred years? And that the famous N-shaped logo was created about seventy years after the company was founded?

It all began in 1906, when William J. Riley, an English shoemaker who emigrated to the USA, founded a small company in Boston that produced arches, inspired by the way in which chickens know how to remain in perfect balance on their claws. For his insoles, Riley thinks of three supports, capable of keeping the person in perfect balance. Precisely from here comes the name New Balance , that is, New Balance. In 1933, Riley was joined by Arthur Hall, with whom the entrepreneur perfected the initial idea, developing insoles capable of adapting to the shape of the foot, thus overcoming the competition from other brands in the sector. From the insoles to the actual shoes it only takes a few years: the first New Balance brand models were presented around 1938, the year in which they were produced for the Boston Brown Bag Harriers, a team specialized in running, whose shoes were made with a kangaroo upper and equipped with extraordinary technology for the times. Over time, the offer expanded to include tennis, baseball and boxing shoes. To get to today's legendary sneakers .

Over the years, New Balance has been able to establish itself as a pioneer in the field of respect for the environment, a fundamental value in the creation of the brand's products, as well as its latest releases . The company produces with very low CO 2 emissions, using only sustainable materials, so that people and soil are never exploited. Colorants and finishes are also always chosen from non-polluting ones. The current owners, in 1981, created the New Balance Foundation , which promotes the values ​​of responsible leadership and philanthropy, supporting gifted young people with scholarships and promoting sports-related programs.

Today, the brand's sneakers are true icons for a casual look, to be worn both with jeans and a t-shirt, and with a jacket, to give a fun and light twist to the outfit. Without forgetting that the new New Balance releases are perfect for both the most competitive athletes and for those who love to dedicate themselves to sport as a passion.

How to match New Balance on Kissuomo

On our store, there is certainly no shortage of the coolest brands, with which to combine the latest New Balance releases . Let's talk, for example, about Kangra with its wonderful cashmere sweaters and fine yarns, suitable for every situation; or another super USA brand, like Autry , with tracksuits that will complete your outfit for the gym or running.