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Tagliatore's Autumn/Winter 2024 Collection – A Dive into Italian Elegance

13 07 2023

Winter is not only a time of cold temperatures, but also an opportunity to explore new dimensions of style and elegance. This is even more true when talking about Tagliatore's new Autumn/Winter 2024 collection, available as a preview on the website. Anticipation mixes with innovation in a unique fusion that captures the essence of the Tagliatore brand.

With a unique stylistic imprint, Tagliatore's Autumn/Winter 2024 collection infuses a modern twist on classic Italian elegance. Here's a preview of what the collection offers:

  1. Jackets and Coats : The collection features a diverse range of jackets and coats that promise to add a touch of sophistication to any man's wardrobe. The jackets stand out for their crisp cuts and the presence of unique details such as decorative buttons, fur collars or printed interior linings. Coats, on the other hand, stand as real protagonists of the winter season. Whether it is single-breasted or double-breasted coats, wool or cashmere, each garment expresses a unique and decisive character.

  2. Suits : Tagliatore is renowned for his haute couture suits. Each piece from the Autumn/Winter 2024 collection is a work of art, created with the utmost care and attention to detail. The wide range of prints and fabrics ensures a variety of choices suitable for any occasion. The classic black dress, the bold striped dress or the sophisticated checked dress: the choice is wide.

  3. Trousers and Jeans : The Autumn/Winter 2024 collection does not neglect the world of trousers and jeans. Velvet trousers for more formal evenings, slim fit jeans for a more casual look and wool trousers to maintain warmth during the colder months. Tagliatore offers a wide range of options, meeting every man's style needs.

  4. Knitwear and Sweatshirts : Comfort and style come together in the knitwear and sweatshirts proposals. From wool cardigans to turtleneck sweaters, winter has never been so cozy. Tagliatore knitwear is synonymous with comfort and luxury. The collection features a variety of pieces, from cardigans to pullovers, in a wide range of colors and styles. The sweatshirts, with their versatility, add a touch of practicality to Tagliatore's elegance.

  5. Accessories : The collection wouldn't be complete without a selection of accessories. Scarves, hats, ties and bags are offered in various colors and styles, completing every outfit with a personal touch. Accessories are the finishing touch of every outfit. Tagliatore's Autumn/Winter 2024 collection includes a selection of cashmere scarves, silk ties, wool hats and leather bags. Each accessory is designed to complete the outfit, adding a touch of personality.

Tagliatore's Autumn/Winter 2024 collection exemplifies the perfect union between tradition and innovation. Classic tailored silhouettes meet contemporary details to create a look that's modern yet steeped in history and quality.

The strong point of the collection is undoubtedly its versatility. Whether you are looking for an outfit for an important business meeting, for a formal event or for a casual weekend, you will surely find the right item for you in Tagliatore's Autumn/Winter 2024 collection.

It is important to note how each piece has been taken care of down to the smallest detail. From the choice of fabrics to the attention to stitching, everything in Tagliatore speaks of quality and craftsmanship.


About the Tagliatore brand : Founded by Pino Lerario, Tagliatore is a brand that is based on a mix of tradition and innovation, sartorial savoir-faire and contemporary creativity. Attention to detail, passion for tailoring techniques and the use of high quality fabrics are the heart of the Tagliatore brand.

Tagliatore's Autumn/Winter 2024 collection is the perfect expression of Italian elegance and style. A collection that represents the essence of the brand, perfectly combining sartorial tradition with a touch of modernity. Don't miss the opportunity to add a Tagliatore piece to your wardrobe.

In conclusion, Tagliatore's Autumn/Winter 2024 collection, available as a preview on, is an offer you cannot refuse. With a perfect balance between classic and contemporary, this collection promises to revolutionize your winter wardrobe.

Don't miss the opportunity to explore the collection and discover pieces that could become your new favorites. Remember, elegance has no season, and with Tagliatore, you will never need to give it up.

Preview: Tagliatore's Autumn/Winter 2024 collection awaits you on