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Kangra men's shirts online

08 02 2023

Kangra men's shirts online

We have already talked about Kangra men's sweaters online , but today we want to return to the topic, focusing mainly on one of the materials that this Made in Italy brand has made its own: cashmere.

This wonderful yarn, also known as "golden fleece" and "kings' fibre", is obtained from a particular species of goat, traceable in Asia and, in particular, in China, Mongolia, Iran and Afghanistan, but also in Russia , Turkey and India.

The fleece of these goats is so sought after and appreciated because it developed following the not always happy atmospheric conditions found in the places we have just mentioned. To defend themselves from the cold, rain and wind, these animals are forced to equip themselves with a thicker and longer fleece than that of their local cousins. And under the thick blanket of rather coarse superficial fibers lies the most precious part, that of the undercoat or underfleece, also known as "Duvet" or "Wad", whose consistency is downy, soft and smooth.

It is therefore exclusively from this part that the finest cashmere is obtained, the one that Kangra (which you always find here on Kissuomo ) uses for its exclusive men's sweaters , but also for the rest of the items in its wonderful wardrobe.

Let's not forget, in fact, that cashmere allows body self-regulation, that is, it helps the body maintain a constant temperature: for this reason, it can be worn not only in winter, but also in summer. Extremely soft, it offers great comfort to the touch and hardly causes the classic itching of coarse wool. Among its excellent qualities, we also include the ability to absorb humidity and be breathable in all weather conditions. Lastly, it is a fiber that does not accumulate static electricity and does not attract dust from the environment, keeping it clean for longer.

The goats that produce the underfleece, which is used as cashmere, are divided into breeds based on the climates and latitudes in which they are born and live, but also based on what they eat and how they are raised. To ensure the best fibers for its online men's sweaters, Kangra has entered into exclusive commercial agreements with cashmere-producing countries, among whose farms stand out those in the Inter Mongolia area, north-east of China, where the garments are found with the finest fleece in the world.


How cashmere is collected for Kangra men's sweaters

The harvest, or rather the shearing, of cashmere takes place in spring, when the goats begin their annual molt. Naturally, the collection must also be carried out in a workmanlike manner, because it belongs to those steps whose success guarantees the success of the yarn. For this reason, Kangra follows each step of the shearing very closely.

To obtain the best fiber, the combing technique is used, from which between two and three ounces of duvet are obtained for each goat, which is reduced in the subsequent processing phases. These few numbers are enough to understand why cashmere is considered such a precious material.

As you will know if you have read our previous article , every Kangra yarn is selected and checked so scrupulously, whether it is merino wool, silk or cotton. This is followed by a creative and artisanal process, with which each selected fiber becomes a fundamental part of a garment that will be at the center of your wardrobe and that you can wear for years, because it will always appear as new, as well as always trendy! Kangra men's garments and sweaters online are the purest expression of refinement and class,  and they can also be combined with jeans and sneakers , making you always appear at the top.

How to match Kangra men's sweaters online on Kissuomo

For an unmistakable style like that of Kangra , we thought of smart and casual combinations at the same time. For example, a total look like the one you could get with a shirt from the brand, a pair of Mason's chinos and a pair of Autry sneakers , which will be perfect for both free time and work. Of course, as always you can find everything on Kissuomo !