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CP Company Cargo Stretch Online

26 09 2023

CP Company, a pillar of Italian design, is famous for its ability to combine innovative style and practical functionality. The new stretch cargo collection fully reflects this philosophy, combining high-quality materials with a modern and versatile silhouette.

Design Evolution
These stretch cargos represent a true evolution in the world of men's fashion, bringing with them a sense of practicality combined with an unmistakable style. Their versatile structure offers the possibility of ranging between casual looks and more structured compositions, allowing every man to express his own personality.

Materials and Packaging
CP Company carefully selects each fiber, ensuring that each fabric is durable, flexible and comfortable. The carefully monitored packaging process reflects the incessant search for perfection and superior quality, typical of the company.

  • Technological and innovative fabrics

  • Precise packaging

  • Attention to detail and refined


Silhouette and Details
The stretch cargo silhouette is structured yet flexible, creating a balance between modernity and comfort. The details, such as the spacious side pockets and distinctive buttons, are designed to offer a unique and recognizable product, a trademark of the CP Company.

Looks and combinations
Stretch cargos are ideal for those looking for a versatile style. They match perfectly with t-shirts and sneakers for a more casual look, or with elegant shirts and shoes for more formal occasions, thus demonstrating their transversality.

Sustainability and Responsibility
Sustainability is at the heart of CP Company's production approach. The company is committed to the research and selection of eco-friendly materials and sustainable production processes, promoting responsible and conscious fashion.

CP Company's Cargo Stretches are the emblem of contemporary fashion, a harmonious fusion of style, comfort, and responsibility. This online collection represents not only a step forward in men's fashion, but also a commitment towards a more sustainable and conscious future.