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Trypee Men's collection by Kissuomo


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Explore the timeless appeal of Tripee Men's Collection by Kissuomo

The Tripee Men's Collection by Kissuomo is a perfect balance between modern and classic style. This meticulously curated range of menswear offers a variety of pieces suited for every occasion and wardrobe.

Starting from its fascinating history in recent years, Tripee is a prestigious brand that has gained global attention for its unique vision in men's fashion. Each piece reflects the brand's boldness and creativity while maintaining a deep respect for tailoring traditions. The result is a perfect amalgamation of tradition and innovation.

This collection showcases a range of casual and formal style which is both elegant and trendy. Each creation is made with high-quality fabrics, reflecting the brand's dedication to detail and design quality.

Our collection includes:

  • Dresses: Take a look at our key pieces like tailored shirts and casual polo shirts.
  • Trousers: From neutral shades to bold, vibrant colors, our trousers are a modern essential.
  • Knitwear: Our cardigans and pullovers are ideal for adding a cozy touch to your outfit.
  • Outerwear: Find the perfect coat or jacket to complete your look and protect you in all weather conditions.

While navigating through our Tripee Men's collection, you will notice the variety of colors, fabrics, and styles available: clothing that exudes confidence and authenticity, for the modern man who is not afraid to express his own style. Our goal is to offer an exclusive assortment of garments that suit any occasion, from casual leisure style to more elegant styles for formal events.

We firmly believe that every man should have the luxury of articulating his individuality through clothing. Therefore, Tripee Men, like all brands curated by Kissuomo, brings a breath of fresh air into the world of menswear, without ever straying from the classic.

Explore our Tripee Men's collection and discover endless possibilities to express your unique style.