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Officine Creative Men


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Art of tailoring from Italy to the World: Officine Creative Men

Our collection of Officine Creative Men represents the perfect balance between Italian tailoring tradition and stylistic innovation. It perfectly mirrors the philosophy of Kissuomo: to offer an eclectic and original styling selection, which combines emerging and established brands, to create a unique and distinctive look.

Officine Creative, born in the heart of Italy, makes creativity and craftsmanship its pillars. Each piece is unique, expressing a story of passion, dedication and unparalleled tailoring skill.

The Officine Creative Men's collection puts at the center a refined combination of high-quality materials, innovative design and meticulous finishes. It's the ideal choice for the man looking for a style that expresses personality and taste without compromise.

Details that make the difference

From classic leather derbies to contemporary sneakers, from the refinement of bags to the comfort of belts, the selection of Officine Creative Men's ranges from the must-haves of every male wardrobe.

  • Shoes: Officine Creative footwear represents a perfect meeting between functionality and fashion, a true symbol of everyday luxury. Made with the most advanced techniques, they withstand the passage of time.
  • Bags: Officine Creative bags are designed to be both practical and refined. Made with premium materials, they stand out for their elegant design and attention to detail.
  • Accessories: Officine Creative accessories, such as belts and wallets, complete the look with a touch of unmistakable class.

In our online shop, you will find a selection of the most representative pieces of Officine Creative, a perfect symbiosis between Italian tailoring and international trends. Explore the collection and let yourself be inspired by the vision of Officine Creative for a unique and unmistakable style.