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Stone Island spring/summer 2023

03 02 2023

Stone Island spring/summer 2023

Here is a brand that we always look forward to and the Stone Island spring/summer 2023 collection will be yet another success for those who have contributed to making Made in Italy a distinctive sign to be proudly carried around the world!

Since 1980, Stone Island has been in the collective imagination with its jackets , but also with the rest of the clothing which, for this season, is a riot of t-shirts, sweatshirts, joggers and garments for an easy and relaxed lifestyle .

The brand was born in 1982 in Ravarino, founded by Massimo Osti, who - as a good graphic designer - focuses everything on the originality of the garments. His is the famous Tela Stella, double-sided and two-tone, used for jackets, recycled directly from truck tarpaulins. Washed and treated with pumice stone, the canvas becomes soft and impactful, remaining super resistant and suitable for garments with an almost infinite lifespan. The success was immediate, because the moment the jackets made with Tela Stella were marketed, they became a cult. Functionality and aesthetics are condensed in models that also stand out for the famous detachable logo, which forms the compass rose.

The leap in quality to the Olympus of the most established brands comes with the entry into the game of Carlo Rivetti, former owner of GFT (Textile Financial Group) and very interested in research into materials. For this reason, at the beginning of the 2000s we find jackets with steel coatings, in Kevlar, with a three-dimensional texture that ensures depth and chromatic intensity. It is certainly no coincidence that Stone Island garments became the signature look for the paninari of the 80s or for the singers of the Britpop scene of the 90s.

The big news, which continues to be present in the Stone Island spring/summer 2023 collection, is garment dyeing, which consists of dyeing a garment immediately after its packaging, instead of making it with already colored materials.

Stone Island garments have always been aimed at a man with a decidedly dynamic lifestyle, but who never gives up on looking his best. From joggers to sweatshirts and jackets , his is an unmistakable style, defined by garments that will never fade either in terms of design or resistance to wear and weather. From urban chic to trekking style, the brand's garments are suitable for every free moment of your day and designed to make you always appear fashionable, but with a personal and decisive style. Whether you love city life or outdoor life, the spring/summer 2023 collection will, as always, satisfy your every need: discover all the news from this extraordinary and timeless brand on Kissuomo .


The items from the spring/summer 2023 collection by Stone Island

In our store, the iconic Stone Island jackets cannot be missing which, for the new collection, presents us with the new membrane models such as the 3L TC 6113, with zip closure, hood with prismatic rip stop, in light nylon coupled with a polyurethane film shiny. The high-performance three-layer fabric makes it breathable, anti-drip and windproof. Furthermore, like the other garments of the brand, it is a garment-dyed model, with great chromatic breadth. Also very interesting is the Soft Shell-R E.Dye Technology In Recycled Polyester 6110 model, in laminated fabric and breathable internal membrane. In this case, the external side is recycled and woven with yarns that use e.dye Waterless Color System technology, a color saturation system, which reduces the use of water by 85% and chemical substances by 90%. used in the dyeing process.

In our store, there is also no shortage of cargo joggers, t-shirts and sweatshirts , suitable for free time and the more relaxing moments of the week.

How to match the Stone Island spring/summer 2023 collection on Kissuomo

The Stone Island total look deserves sneakers that are up to the task: on Kissuomo , you can find the fantastic Hidnander , with their original and stylish Italian-Swiss style, or the iconic Premiata , also Made in Italy, with their halfway touch between vintage and contemporary. This way, you will be ready for free time and a thousand adventures even in the beautiful world of the outdoors!