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Summer shoes and sneakers not to be missed

05 04 2023

Summer shoes and sneakers not to be missed

If you are looking for all the news for summer shoes and sneakers not to be missed , then you are on the right site! On Kissuomo, not only will you find the top Made in Italy and international brands, but you will have a range of proposals available that ranges from sneakers to sports shoes to moccasins , so you can find the right footwear for every occasion. Premiata, Autry, New Balance, Adidas, Valsport , Philippe Model , Alexander Hotto, Saucony : we are talking about iconic brands that focus both on the quality of the materials and on the design that always expertly mixes a classic style with a decidedly more contemporary one. And let's not forget that sneakers and sports shoes are always made with cutting-edge technologies, to make you comfortable, but also to overcome your limits! If your style impeccably balances casual with tradition, then you will surely be attracted by the beautiful moccasins by Alexander Hotto , an exotic name for a Made in Italy brand, founded in 2003, which was born from the previous experience of the Melchiorri family, an appreciated reality of the footwear sector, since 1955. The moccasins we offer are perfect with jeans as well as chinos , because they have a strong character and are born from the most deep-rooted craftsmanship. Lightweight and flexible, they are made of very soft garment-dyed leather, i.e. using an immersion technique followed by airbrush finishing, to define the color nuances. The bottom is in leather, the bag-like construction with stitching at the toe. Furthermore, there are the classic leather tassels, which remind us so much of the 70s/80s. Naturally, these are completely Made in Italy shoes, like every model of this renowned brand.


Sneakers and sports shoes for your summer

For everyday lifestyle, sneakers are indispensable, both for work and for free time. For this reason, we have thought of a selection of brands, among which you can find that shoe that will become inseparable for you. Let's start with the fantastic Autry Medalist , in many color combinations, which have been popular for some years. Autry is an American brand, founded in 1982, but today its production is Made in Italy. The concept of his sneakers is typical of the 80s, which immediately reminds us of dribbling tennis and running with friends. If you are looking for a less massive and more "refined" shoe, then we recommend the Premiata , for example in the Andy model. Made with the highest quality leather, these sneakers are perfect both for a casual outfit and with a jacket, because they adapt very well to any style. If you appreciate a look that is casual, bordering on sporty, then we have the New Balance in store for you, which have always been capable of mixing a competition look (which can really make you tackle) with the comfort and typical design of a racing sneaker. wear every day. If you are a sportsman at heart, then the Adidas from our store are exactly the shoes you are looking for: aesthetically refined, perfect in every detail for a truly unique performance, they will be your faithful travel companions for every visit to gym or for that run out of town that you treat yourself to free your mind from everyday thoughts. Whatever your style, on Kissuomo you always find the latest news in sneakers and summer shoes , for any mood!

How to match summer shoes and sneakers on Kissuomo

On our store, we have various proposals to match the type of shoe you will purchase. For a classic style, to combine with Alexander Hotto moccasins, we recommend the refined garments from the Aspesi collection, perfect for the office and for an aperitif with friends. If, however, you are trying to recreate that sporty look that you have always loved, then you could think of a pair of iconic Mason's cargo shoes, which are always the best when it comes to a casual style, studied in every detail.