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New SS Online Collection awarded

31 01 2023

New SS Online Collection awarded

The new Premiata SS online collection is now on Kissuomo ! And we're sure you were waiting for it with trepidation. Yes, because Premiata shoes and clothing, with their unmistakable style, the craftsmanship of the workmanship and the casual touch that mixes perfectly even with a smarter style, are always suitable for your lifestyle , from morning to evening, work and time free included.

This extraordinary Made in Italy brand has a very long history behind it, which begins exactly in 1885 and continues today. Since its foundation, Premiata has focused on taking care in the choice of leather, always looking for the best one, and on its processing, for which, today, the master craftsmen follow continuous training courses. In a Premiata sneaker , as in the rest of the SS collection online on Kissuomo , you always find an original design, the utmost attention to detail and a style that does not fade in one season, but which remains with you for years, thanks to iconic pieces which are repeated over time. From the hand made production of the 19th century, today the company has moved on to the use of latest generation machines, but this merely represents the choice of a new production process. What remains intact is the soul of a family that has always preferred unconventionality, aesthetics and exclusivity to the reasons of the market.

It could be said that the Premiata brand prefers instinct to reason, because everything that is norm and conformity is boring and because in reality "normality" is just an abstract concept.

For Premiata , there are no market and fashion rules, but only ideas, intuitions, the freedom to choose what you prefer, completely disconnected from any fashion diktat .

The SS 2023 collection also demonstrates that it follows this path, remaining consistent with the ideas that guide the brand. Both the sneakers , the company's cornerstone, and the clothing reflect an originality that you can only appreciate. From an aperitif to a business meeting, from a trip to a moment of relaxation with friends or family, Premiata always has what you need to make you feel at ease.


New models for the Premiata SS 2023 collection

With each collection, Premiata amazes us with models that combine their classic lines with the latest innovations. There are sneakers that are "refreshed" every year to always be current, but faithful to the brand's project. For example, the Russell , suede sneakers with contrasting profiles, which you can also find in the smooth leather version. The small but evident logo, the ergonomic footbed which makes them extremely comfortable, the sole also designed for long walks, thanks to the grip and adhesion it offers, are the typical characteristics of a shoe that you can wear at any time, because it is capable of uniting comfort and style.

If, however, you love a bold and massive sneaker , which also reminds you a little of mountain boots, then we recommend the Mase , a very colorful model in suede and nylon, with a thick 3.5 cm sole, to wear really even when you go walking in your free time. The very high quality of the materials and the ergonomic footbed make this model comfortable and high-performance, as well as aesthetically very interesting. If you are nostalgic for the 80s, Lucy sneakers are for you. It is a sober, two-tone model, with a highly gripping rubber sole, very light and comfortable, which reminds us of the shoes they once wore. Very similar, but also available in total white , you will find the Bonnie model, which has all the typical characteristics of the brand's other shoes, with an allure of elegance that you can also show off with a suit with a jacket .

How to match the new Premiata SS collection online on Kissuomo

As you know, on Kissuomo you always find the right brands for a total look that will satisfy your needs. With the sneakers from the new Premiata collection , we suggest a combination with the iconic Stone Island brand and its jackets for the new season. If, however, you want to show off something that indicates elegance, then you can think of one of the wonderfulTagliatore jackets , which are a must for those who love aesthetics and refinement.