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Pont Denim Men's Kissuomo


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Experience style and quality with our collection of Pont Denim Men's

Our selection of Pont Denim clothing features a range of garments designed for the modern, sophisticated man, fashion-conscious, but never losing the unique identity of the Kissuomo store. Born from the idea of combining the art of high tailoring with metropolitan style, each piece of the Pont Denim collection reveals an eclectic approach to fashion, oriented towards contemporary trends, but anchored in a sense of classicism.

Pont Denim: the history of the brand

Considered a pioneer and an innovator in the field of men's clothing, Pont Denim has been able to impose its unique vision of style and quality. This internationally known fashion brand has been able to reinvent itself continuously, always maintaining a deep connection with its roots and valuing an unmistakable craftsmanship.

Explore the Pont Denim Men's collection

Jeans, casual trousers, sweaters and jackets: each piece of the Pont Denim collection articulates a unique style, made of sought-after details, high-quality materials and extraordinary care in every aspect of production. Pairable with a wide range of garments, from a simple t-shirt to a formal coat, the pieces of the Pont Denim collection can create an entire wardrobe.

  • Jeans and casual trousers: Pont Denim jeans are a stalwart of the brand, a symbol of a strong and audacious personality. Casual trousers, on the other hand, combine comfort and style without compromise
  • Sweaters: Whether for casual days or a more sophisticated look, Pont Denim sweaters embody timeless elegance
  • Jackets: Pont Denim jackets are versatile and refined, perfect for completing any outfit with taste and a touch of class.

Refinement, quality and attention to detail are founding elements of the Pont Denim brand's DNA and are fully reflected in this collection. A set of different proposals that can give life to a unique concept and represent the perfect synthesis of the style proposed by Kissuomo.

The Denim that expresses your style

Express your personality through the unique pieces of the Pont Denim Men's collection by Kissuomo. Each garment encloses the essence of the brand, allowing you to wear pieces that are much more than just simple clothes: they are your voice in the world of fashion. Discover our collection and let yourself be inspired by a universe of style, quality and originality.