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Dr.Martens Men


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Discover the DR.M Men's Collection: Style, Quality and True Italian Feeling

Kissuomo is always looking for unique brands that capture the essence of Italian style, always evolving but undeniably rooted in quality and craftsmanship. One of our most impressive collections in this regard is DR.M Uomo , a brand that has established itself in men's fashion by offering garments that combine functionality, form and innovation with style.

Anchored in Made in Italy , DR.M Uomo pieces are wisely designed for the modern gentleman, a reflection of a belief that prefers quality and timelessness over the ephemeral trends of the moment. This is evident in the attention to detail, in the choice of fabrics and in the creation of their pieces, all symbols of Italian know-how .

  • Perfect Fit : DR.M Men boasts a range of fits for all body types, ensuring you look your best without ever sacrificing comfort.
  • High-quality materials : Using only the best materials, DR.M Men's garments offer uncompromising quality.
  • Italian Style : Reflecting the Italian spirit, DR.M Men's garments combine tradition and contemporaneity in an impeccable cut.

The DR.M Men's collection offers a style that combines tailoring and comfort, offering versatile pieces for every occasion, from work to the beach, to always look at the top. It includes polished-looking jackets and tuxedos, dress and casual shirts, tailored trousers and jeans, and a selection of accessories such as hats, bags and shoes.

With its ethos of "Style, Quality and Veritiero Sentire Italiano", DR.M Uomo represents not only a logo, but also a trademark, a sign of quality and timeless design. It is for those men who seek to express their personality through their wardrobe, without sacrificing comfort.

In each collection, DR.M Uomo seeks to tell a story, to convey a unique iconography and ethos. Combining style and functionality, DR.M Uomo offers a bold and modern vision of men's fashion.

DR.M Uomo is the perfect choice for the style-conscious man who doesn't want to compromise comfort and functionality. Discover the timeless elegance and undeniable quality of the DR.M Men's collection on .