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Woolrich Men Fall Winter 2023

18 10 2023

When the frigid winds start to blow, it's time to turn to a trusted name to stay warm and stylish: Woolrich. Woolrich's autumn/winter 2023 men's collection promises to be a bastion of warmth and durability, continuing the brand's long legacy of providing quality clothing for the coldest environments.

A Legacy of Quality
With a history dating back over 190 years, Woolrich is synonymous with high-quality outdoor clothing. The Winter 2023 collection is no exception, featuring pieces that combine traditional craftsmanship with modern technologies to ensure warmth, comfort and durability.

The Arctic Parka: A Renewed Icon
Central to the collection is the Artic Parka, a jacket that has become a staple of winter clothing. For winter 2023, Woolrich has renewed this classic with new materials and details. Made from a wind- and water-resistant blend of cotton and nylon, the Artic Parka is designed to maintain warmth even in the lowest temperatures, thanks to its goose down padding. The faux fur-trimmed hood adds an extra layer of protection and style.

Versatility and Style
In addition to the Arctic Parka, the fall/winter collection features a variety of jackets, sweaters, and accessories designed for every type of winter adventure, from the city to the mountains. The clean and functional aesthetic combines with a color palette that reflects the tones of earth and nature, making each garment versatile for different combinations and occasions.


Commitment to Sustainability
Recognizing the importance of sustainability, Woolrich continues to strive to reduce its environmental impact. The 2023 collection includes recycled materials and responsible manufacturing techniques, without compromising the quality or functionality customers have come to expect from the brand.

Distinctive elements of the collection:

  • Advanced technical fabrics : Each garment is designed to offer maximum protection from the elements.

  • Functional details : Strategic pockets, adjustable hoods and synthetic fur edges are some of the details that increase the functionality of each garment.

  • Versatile Aesthetics : The collection features pieces that can be easily mixed and matched to a variety of personal styles.

Woolrich's autumn/winter 2023 collection is more than just a selection of winter clothing; it is a commitment to quality, comfort and style. Each piece is a statement of resistance against the cold, allowing the wearer to face the winter with confidence. Investing in a Woolrich piece means investing in a garment that will not only keep you warm, but will continue to do so for many seasons to come.