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The New Autry 2023/24 Collection Revealed: Style Trends in Men's Shoes

28 07 2023

In the men's fashion arena, shoe brand Autry is making its presence felt with designs that blend innovation with tradition. The new Autry 2023/24 collection, now available on, is the perfect example of this balance, with an offer that covers a wide range of styles, from the most classic to the most daring.

Innovation meets tradition in the latest Autry collection
In the new Autry 2023/24 collection, the brand has masterfully blended design innovation with the tradition of quality and comfort that has made the brand famous. Here are some of the key models from the collection:

  1. Autry Medalist : A classic reinvented, these athletic shoes feature a vintage silhouette with a contemporary twist. Made of high-quality leather, they offer a retro look and a comfortable fit.

  2. Autry Open : With a modern and bold design, these sneakers are ideal for those looking for a distinctive look. The combination of high-quality materials and a slim silhouette offers a perfect mix of style and comfort.

  3. Autry Action Shoes : Combining classic tennis shoe design with contemporary details, these shoes are perfect for the modern man who wants to stay stylish without sacrificing comfort.

  4. Autry Low Top Sneaker : These low top sneakers offer a minimalist design that makes them perfect for any outfit. The rubber sole and leather upper ensure comfort and durability.

  5. Autry Mid Top Sneaker : With their ankle cut and modern design, these shoes offer a trendy look without sacrificing comfort.

  6. Autry High Top Sneaker : These high top sneakers offer a bold, modern look. The combination of high-quality leather and innovative details creates a shoe that stands out.


Each model in the new Autry 2023/24 collection reflects the brand's attention to the quality of materials and attention to detail. The wide range of models available allows each man to find the shoe that best suits his personal style.

But the Autry 2023/24 collection is not just style: the brand also puts comfort and durability at the center of attention. Each shoe is made with high quality materials and offers a comfortable fit, which allows the modern man to move with ease in any context, from the work day to free time.

Finally, sustainability is a key element for Autry, which is committed to reducing the environmental impact of its operations and products. Through the use of sustainable materials and eco-friendly manufacturing processes, Autry proves that it is possible to be fashionable and respect the environment at the same time.

In conclusion, the new Autry 2023/24 collection, now available on, offers a wide range of options for the modern man looking for quality, comfortable and fashionable shoes. Whether you prefer a classic or bold style, Autry has the right shoe for you. Don't miss the opportunity to discover the new collection and find your new favorite pair of shoes. With Autry, your style is elevated to new levels.