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Autry sneakers online

16 12 2022

Autry sneakers online

When it comes to iconic American sneakers , then Autry , online on Kissuomo , is the brand we recommend. The 80s aesthetic, the very soft leather, the whiteness of the white with few concessions to color and the massive appearance make the Autry sneakers the best for sport, for casual clothing, but also for a cheeky twist when you combine them to a jacket.

We particularly like their style, perhaps also because, since it arrived in Europe in 2019, the brand has chosen Italy for part of its production of sneakers and sportswear . And the taste of Made in Italy is felt immediately.

Recognizing Autry sports shoes is very easy: they are the ones "with the American flag", as they are now known throughout the world.

If they look vaguely familiar to you and you have the feeling you've seen them somewhere before, you guessed it! In fact, these sneakers were a must for all the characters of the most famous American comedies and TV series of the 80s, those set in high schools and stars and stripes universities. The models from back then are the same ones you find in our store now, because the Autry style has remained very faithful over the years.

The American style of Autry sneakers online

Precisely in 2022, Autry sneakers, online on Kissuomo , turn forty years old! But they don't show them at all, because their super sporty style adapts really well to the young mixes that Americans know well.

Already in the '80s, in fact, it was not difficult to spot those shoes in films, perhaps during scenes of weddings or formal occasions, because mixing a dress with sneakers was quite common in the USA. Today, style makes us free to dress in the most original way possible and, even in Europe, the Autrys become indispensable not only for sport, the area for which they were created, but also for everyday lifestyle or even for smarter occasions, such as a dinner out with friends or with the person you love. The brand's technology is designed for sporting activities, such as the gym or even running, but the rubber sole has very high grip even for the steps you take every day in the city, to go to work, to the bar for breakfast or to do the day's errands. The ergonomic footbed makes them extremely comfortable and the perforated toe breathable, for a healthy and optimal fit. The models always have a white base and can be embellished with a touch of color on the finishes, while the Medalist , Autry 's iconic model, are also available in the version with graffiti on the upper.


Beyond sneakers, Autry clothing

In addition to the Autry sneakers online , on Kissuomo you will also find the brand's legendary joggers , designed for sport and free time. In warm cotton, with an elasticated and adjustable waist, they have a cuffed bottom and a smart , tapered cut that makes them super trendy: 80s, yes, but with a contemporary touch that makes them current and suitable for any casual look. Pair them with a t-shirt and a sweatshirt or with a cardigan or jacket, for an always distinctive and fun mix. Naturally, we recommend the matching top with the Autry Medalist model sneakers: with their contrasting multi-layered suede stitching, the flat and classic laces and the leather and cotton terry lining, they also ensure a boost of a couple of centimetres, which never hurts! However, don't forget that in our store you will also find the Open Mid 5065 model, two-tone with white laces, equipped with all the features of the Medalist , but different in height, which is almost basketball-like.

How to match Autry sneakers on Kissuomo

Since you are already on our fantastic store, we want to recommend a couple of brands that we love and that you could buy together with your new Autry sneakers . The first is Moma which, with its ankle boots, will make the season even more exciting, especially because you can alternate them with your new sneakers to cover the entire season. For the perfect match, we recommend Dondup which, with its coats , sweatshirts , jeans and accessories , will bring that touch of style you need for a total look that will be appreciated by everyone you meet!