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Selected introduces the New Autumn Winter 2023 Men's Collection

10 11 2023

Selected, known for its unique approach to men's fashion, unveils its new Autumn Winter 2023 collection. This line is a celebration of modern elegance, where each piece reflects a deep understanding of the needs of the contemporary man. The collection is a combination of style, comfort and sustainability, designed for an audience that appreciates high fashion without compromise.

The Essence of Selected
The Selected brand has always aimed to provide clothing that stands out for the high quality of the materials and attention to detail. With an eye always on the latest trends, the brand manages to combine everyday practicality with an unmistakable style. The new Autumn Winter 2023 collection is no different, offering a versatile and sophisticated wardrobe that fits perfectly with the pace of modern life.

Innovation and Sustainability
A distinctive feature of Selected is its commitment to sustainability. The brand has adopted a philosophy that places ethics and the environment at the center of every production process. This vision is reflected in the new collection, with the use of sustainable fabrics and production techniques that minimize environmental impact.

Autumn Winter 2023 trends
Selected's Autumn Winter 2023 collection features a series of trends and styles that capture the essence of the season:

  • Premium fabrics: Wool, organic cotton and blended fabrics are some of the materials chosen to ensure comfort and durability.

  • Color Palette: The color range ranges from neutral and earthy tones to bolder shades, offering ample possibilities for combination and customization.

  • Refined Silhouette: The lines of the garments follow a clean and modern silhouette, with a fit that enhances the male figure in an elegant but not restrictive way.

Sins of Style in the Collection

  • Coats and Jackets: From classic wool overcoats to lighter jackets, the collection offers options for every climate and occasion.

  • Knitwear: Sweaters and cardigans are made with high-quality yarns, perfect for creating layered looks that combine warmth and style.

  • Trousers and Jeans: The trousers in the collection range from chinos to jeans, offering solutions for both formal and more casual occasions.


Clothing as a Statement of Style
Each piece of Selected's Autumn Winter 2023 collection is designed to be not just a garment, but a style statement. Sophisticated design and quality materials combine to create pieces that express individuality and sophistication.

The Role of Technology
Selected also integrates advanced technologies into its collection, with fabrics that offer features such as water resistance and thermal insulation, while maintaining breathability and lightness.

Adaptability and Versatility
One of the most notable aspects of the collection is its versatility. Selected understands that the modern man needs garments that adapt to different contexts – from work to leisure, from formal evenings to outdoor adventures.

A Global Vision
Selected, with its global perspective, designed the Autumn Winter 2023 collection to respond to the needs of an international audience, considering different cultures and lifestyles.

The Selected Uomo Autumn Winter 2023 collection is a perfect synthesis of style, comfort and responsibility. With a balanced mix of classicism and innovation, the brand continues to set new standards in the world of men's fashion. This collection is not only a response to current trends, but also a vision for the future of menswear, where quality, sustainability and design come together to create an unparalleled fashion experience. With Selected, every man can express his individuality, adopting a style that is both timeless and deeply anchored in the present.