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Premiata men's shoes online

07 04 2023

Premiata men's shoes online

For lovers of high-quality shoes, the Italian brand Premiata men online offers a wide range of options for every season and occasion. With its interesting and modern shaped models, Premiata men stands out for its attention to detail, unparalleled quality and the use of the best techniques and highest performing materials for a perfect fit. If you are looking for a pair of high quality shoes , Premiata men is the one for you. This article will help you discover the models of the brand's shoes present on Kissuomo, so that you can choose the model that's right for you.

Premiata men's shoe models online on Kissuomo

Here is a list of Premiata men's shoe models.

  1. Premiata LUCY model : if you are looking for a casual but elegant style, the LUCY model is the right one for you. Nubuck leather upper, laces, padded collar and vulcanized rubber sole guarantee maximum comfort and resistance.
  2. Award-winning ANDY model : the ANDY model is suitable for those occasions where you need to be elegant without exaggerating. The ANDY shoes, available in black or brown, have a smooth leather upper, internal padding and a durable leather sole.
  3. Award-winning ERIC model : if you are looking for a more casual look, but with a touch of personality, the ERIC model is the one for you. Its jacquard fabric upper and white rubber sole give it a modern and dynamic look.
  4. Award-winning LANDER model : For those who love classic athletic models, the LANDER model has been specially designed for maximum comfort, thanks to the TR rubber sole and mesh fabric upper.
  5. Premiata men's MICK : if you love sports shoes, but don't want to lose your simple style, the KIM model blends the two perfectly. This model features a rubber sole, suede upper and mesh details.
  6. Award-winning SEAN model : If you are a man looking for style, comfort and functionality, you can't go wrong with the SEAN model. Each of its parts, such as the leather upper, rubber sole, laces and leather and fabric details have been designed to last.


In conclusion, men who do not want to give up excellence, quality and comfort should absolutely consider purchasing a pair of Premiata men 's sneakers online. The models presented in this article are just a small selection of the wide range of shoes available on Kissuomo, where you will also find a vast choice of colors and sizes for every need. To find out more or to purchase your premiata men's shoes, visit the online store.

How to match Premiata men's shoes on Kissuomo

On our store, you will find many items to match your brand new Premiata ! In this regard, we recommend a pair of Dondup jeans and a Roberto Collina sweater, for a mix of classic and trendy.