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Philippe Model new collection

27 01 2023

Philippe Model new collection

When we talk about sneakers , the new Philippe Model collection is an essential point of reference for those who love style and comfort. Glam and versatile, the models of this iconic brand reflect the Parisian passion for class, but also the Italian one for fashion.

But let's go in order…

The French fashion house Philippe Model was founded by the designer of the same name in 1978. The pleasant style of his footwear was immediately noticed by the legendary Jean Paul Gaultier, who proposed a collaboration. According to Gaultier, Model's sneakers are futuristic, well-finished, innovative and iconic. In fact, it is no coincidence that Philippe won the prize for Best Craftsman in France in 1981! The leathers, the design, even the rubber chosen among the best on the market combine to create models of shoes and sneakers that are very soft to the touch, very comfortable to wear and suitable for a casual look, as well as a casual chic one.

However, the real revolution in Model style came with the entry into the company of Paolo Gambato, capable of bringing know-how and Italian style, the only nuances still missing from the iconic brand.

To recognize a Philippe Model from the new collection , immediately look for the coat of arms on the upper, the one on which the city of Paris is represented, and verify for yourself the craftsmanship, the touch of hand made , the ability of a production that has nothing to share with those in series, but which stands out for the uniqueness of each pair of shoes.

The models you find in our store, such as the Tropez or the Antibes , are inspired by the great icons of the 70s, 80s and 90s, renewing their look, but not in their indomitable spirit. Perfect for those who love a casual style with a touch of glam, they are not "just" sports shoes, but a real way to enrich a look that ranges from jeans to chinos, from t-shirts to jackets, from coats to leather jackets . On Kissuomo , you will find all the most loved models from the new Philippe Model collection , revisited according to the period, but always reliable and aesthetically unbeatable.


The sneakers from the new Philippe Model collection

The new Philippe Model collection includes, among its models, the most loved ones of all time, such as the fantastic Tropez sneakers in the 5900 version, in suede, highlighted logo, white laces and removable ergonomic leather insole. But that's not all: in addition to the indisputable aesthetic charm, the TRPX have a rubber sole that guarantees stability and grip for your walks, even on terrains that are not exactly city-based, and have a 2.5 cm sole under the heel, for one momentum in height that always impresses.

The Antibes model, present on Kissuomo , is also in suede, however mixed with canvas. The lining is in sponged cotton, the ergonomic Ortholite footbed is removable and the sole has the same grip and comfort characteristics as the previous model. Surely, these are shoes that you could also wear for the gym or for a run, because they are designed for maximum performance, even that which takes you on extra-urban routes or which pushes you to challenge yourself.

Each Philippe Model sneaker distills French glam with Italian character and can be worn every day, for work, free time or for the evening, when you are planning an aperitif with friends.

How to match Philippe Model on Kissuomo

In our online store, you will find many items that you can combine with the Philippe Models from the new collection , based on your mood. For example, if you feel very casual, have some free time, maybe you're traveling, but you always want to look at the top, then you could wear a pair of Dondup jeans that you find on Kissuomo and which are designed to combine high quality, comfort and lots of , lots of style, appreciated all over the world. If, however, you have a more "serious" commitment, such as a lunch with colleagues or a meeting that does not require the formality of a jacket and tie, we recommend one of the beautiful Aspesi garments, which mix elegance and freedom, without ever neglecting a careful eye on trends of the moment.