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New Barena men's collection online

09 01 2023

New Barena Men's Collection Online

The new Barena men's collection is online on Kissuomo! The new garments of this timeless Made in Italy brand are always characterized by the ability to combine the rigor of tradition with a touch of modernity, for an elegant style, with casual notes, that you can wear every day.

Founded in 1961 in Venice, the Barena brand is aimed at those who love luxury and have an extremely personal taste in dressing: the fabrics that come only from selected wool mills, the master craftsmen who cut and sew luxury sweaters, coats and jackets ensure you garments that are the top when it comes to the perfect outfit for those with a dynamic and busy lifestyle.

The name “Barena” derives from the Venetian word “baro”, which means “emerged land”. The connection with such a fascinating style of dressing depends precisely on the observation of the elegant style of the inhabitants of the lagoon city, which has always been able to inspire the designers of this iconic brand, which has always been a family brand.

The style of the new Barena men's online collection

Barena is a family-run brand, which has been able to make the tradition of Italian fashion its own, with treatments and terminologies (for example, sprezzatura and soft taloring) that appear much earlier than we did in the pages of bloggers or fashion editors all over the world. world.

At the basis of the stylistic concept of this great fashion house is the idea that exceptional and elegant fabrics can also be used for work and leisure outfits.

In 1961, looking for a way to satisfy his creativity, Sandro Zara was very interested in the textile sector and was an avid explorer of the ancient disused wool mills scattered around his city. Inside them, he discovers a real treasure, made up of particular decorations and original sketches that ignite his need to create something new. It is not strange that Zara purchased one of these wool mills, the Cini wool mill, which is a source of great inspiration for him.

In the 1980s, Massimo Pigozzi became director of the brand which, in 1993, took the official name of Barena Venezia . “Nothing inspires us more than life on the sea and on the page” says Pigozzi, thus underlining where the inspiration for garments so elegant and casual at the same time comes from.

In 2010, Francesca Zara, Sandro's daughter, joined the company, completing the offering with the first women's collection and opening the market to international expansion.

What remains unchanged in each collection are the materials and designs underlying each idea of ​​the garments, which still today are inspired by the archives that Sandro collected in the various wool mills he visited.

The Barena men's collections are difficult to pigeonhole into a single style: they are not just classic or elegant or sporty or casual, but they know how to mix all these aspects by distilling them into truly interesting garments, such as the polo cardigan with double slider zip and contrasting stripes or the Baron coat or the inevitable double-breasted jacket with two back vents, suitable for an aperitif as well as for a working day in the office. The denim jacket with shirt collar is suitable for free time, as is the check shirt, with its fun and carefree touch.

Whichever item you decide to buy, you will discover a world in which to lose yourself, made of very soft fabrics and garments that you can wear for many seasons to come, because they have a timeless style and charm, superior to the passing fashions of the moment.

How to match Barena man on Kissuomo

On Kissuomo , you will find the perfect matches for the garments from the new Barena men's online collection that you will choose. For a decidedly informal, but still luxury style, we recommend combining your look with a pair of Dondup joggers in soft fleece, with ankle cuff, for free time and Sundays out of town. If, however, you are thinking of wearing something heavy on your outfit, we recommend the beautiful and very warmCP Company parka, which will give a touch of style to your days, both in the city and outdoors.