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Moma AW/23: All the News Now Online

26 10 2022

Moma AW/23: All the News Now Online

The new collection of men's footwear by Moma is available online on This year too, our store could not miss a selection of shoes from this much-loved brand that combines Italian craftsmanship with design, creating authentic footwear , full of personality and refinement.

Buying a shoe from this brand means choosing a shoe that has the ability to enrich all your outfits, going from a casual and sporty style to a classic and elegant look, Moma always has a creation that's right for you.

The company was founded in 1992, among the hills of the Marche region, from the talent and creativity of two brothers Gigio and Daniele Gironacci, who were able to achieve international success, giving life to a brand symbol of Italian craftsmanship with extremely high quality production from vintage style capable of making its way among the latest trends without ever abandoning its classic and traditional soul.

In fact, the spirit and heart of this brand are found in their laboratory, a place where Italian craftsmanship and labor merge with a way of thinking that looks straight to the future and the design of the latest trends.

The two brothers do not see limits as having a negative value, on the contrary they delight in identifying them in order to overcome them with exceptional results; they have in fact managed to create shoes that are resistant over time and full of details that reflect their personality.

They love to be defined as "artisans who get their hands dirty" because they manipulate precious materials with great attention to every little detail. They find inspiration for colors from nature, from tree moss to iron rust.

The founders' idea is to communicate a story of experience through their creations thanks to a careful selection of raw materials, in fact most of their shoes have a vintage, almost "worn" appearance. Each model has "defects" that indicate their uniqueness, the result of artisanal production reminiscent of the master shoemaker's workshop that conquers the international market.

Moma Shoes: The Perfect Combination between Italian Craftsmanship and Luxury Design

Moma shoes embody the philosophy of the brand which is contained in these simple words: authenticity, imperfection, obstinacy and awareness.

The man who chooses to purchase a Moma shoe is able to appreciate those wonderful imperfections that make every single creation special and unique, thus moving away from the vision of massification of fashion.

In our store and online on you can find various models designed by Moma , from the classic black lace-up amphibian for an elegant outfit, to the 5399 ankle boot currently available in the cognac colour, with a rounded toe and a sole that gives you 3.5 cm, for a casual look full of personality. On our website you will always find information regarding the fit, if you have any doubts do not hesitate to contact us through our service that we offer to customers, to have all the support necessary for the right purchase.

Whatever your preference, by choosing Moma you will never give up on charm but above all on comfort, in fact their lug rubber soles are able to guarantee grip during walking, caressing the foot for a comfort that is felt throughout the day.

The secret of their comfort lies in the processing of the leather by Tuscan artisans which gives the walk a fluid step that remains supported.

We at Kissuomo are proud to choose this brand every year which distinctively enriches our store, offering our customers a brand of hand-crafted and finished shoes, which express the history, beauty and innovation of made in Italy.

How to Match Moma on

The Moma man is a decisive man with refined, refined and never cheap taste. On you can find a selection of designers with whom you can combine Moma footwear to create outfits capable of satisfying any of your occasions and needs.

For example: a Dondup guabert trousers together with a Kangra turtleneck are perfect companions for the black Moma lace-up amphibian , capable of giving you a look suitable for an informal business dinner, giving you confidence and style to spare.