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Innovation meets style: fashion according to CP Company

12 07 2023

The world of fashion is an ever-evolving universe, a platform for creative expression and innovation. Among the countless fashion houses that have stood out for their ability to combine ingenuity and elegance, CP Company has certainly earned a prominent place. Born in Italy in 1975, the brand is recognized globally for its innovative and tailored interpretations of men's clothing.

History of CP Company

Founded by Massimo Osti, CP Company has always been synonymous with revolutionary design and innovative fabrics. Known for its functional approach to clothing, the brand has incorporated technology into the fabrics and design details of its garments, recognizable for their unique shapes and sophisticated style. CP Company's mission has always been to produce clothes that combine practical use with timeless elegance. The result is a series of iconic garments ranging from jackets to sweatshirts, from coats to trousers.

Innovation in Design

CP Company's vision centers on the idea that form should follow function. This principle is evident in a number of key pieces of the brand:

  1. Goggle Jacket : This iconic piece is known for the protective lenses incorporated into the hood, a unique element that mixes functionality and design.

  2. Tinta Lens Sweatshirt : An evolution of the classic pullover, embellished with the lens emblem on the arm, characteristic of CP Company.

  3. Cargo Pants : Practical and fashionable trousers, enriched with functional pockets and the brand's unique design.


Textile Technology and Tailoring

CP Company has always had a great interest in textile innovation. Since Osti introduced the use of military fabrics for casual wear, the brand has continued to push the limits of textile technology. Among the innovative techniques used, we find the use of high-density fabrics to increase the resistance and durability of the garments, and the use of waterproof membranes to improve water resistance.

  1. Shell Goggle Jackets : These garments use advanced membrane technology that offers water and wind resistance while maintaining good breathability.

  2. Mille Miglia Goggle Jacket : Made of water-resistant fabric and equipped with protective lenses, this garment recalls the brand's automotive heritage.

The art of dyeing

Another distinctive aspect of CP Company is the art of dyeing. His exploration in the field of garment dyeing has led to the creation of unique colors and shades:

  1. Garment Dyed Goggle Jacket : These garments are dyed after being sewn, a process that gives each piece a unique, distressed look.

  2. Ice-Dyeing Technique : This innovative technique produces designs and colors that change based on temperature.


In an era where sustainability takes center stage, CP Company has demonstrated a serious commitment to sustainable manufacturing. The company focuses on reducing environmental impact through the use of recycled and sustainable materials, and adopts environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. This commitment is reflected in long-lasting clothing, designed to withstand the wear and tear of time.


Innovation meets style: fashion according to CP Company is a symphony of functional designs and impeccable aesthetics. It's not just about the look, but also how it feels to wear their garments, the feeling of quality, durability and attention to detail. From classic Goggle Jackets to innovative dyeing techniques, each CP Company piece is an emblem of cutting-edge design and timeless elegance. Visit the CP Company collection on to discover a world where innovation meets style, and be inspired by the unique vision of this historic Italian fashion house.