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Aspesi jackets and vests online on our store

20 01 2023

Aspesi jackets and vests online on our store

Aspesi jackets and vests are online on our store ! Don't miss the iconic garments of a brand that has made the history of Italian fashion, among the first to focus on luxury ready-to-wear and not just haute couture.

It was 1969, when Aspesi made its appearance on the Italian market, immediately establishing itself as a maison specialized in the creation of high fashion shirts , capable of competing with those of the great French fashion houses. But the peculiarity of this brand is the choice of a more casual type of fashion, always oriented towards luxury, both in design and in the choice of materials. Aspesi thus reinvents the concept of elegance and fit, revolutionizing the very idea of ​​fashion.

After about ten years from the foundation, production increases, also expanding to other garments, such as jackets and waistcoats made in collaboration with other greats of Italian fashion, such as Moschino, Albini and Zanini, until 2020, when the creative direction is entrusted to Lawrence Steele.

Among the various must-have items of the brand, the down jackets , which you find in our store, certainly constitute a bulwark of Aspesi , which reinvents them, transforming them from exclusively technical and sporty garments to models also suitable for busier moments of the day, such as work or dinner. Alberto Aspesi , founder of the brand, wanted to decontextualize a garment that, even today, remains an icon across all styles and all ages. This brilliant idea came to him during a chat with Franco Moschino, another great fashion innovator. Naturally, at the basis of everything there is a strenuous search for very precious materials for technological fabrics that do not give up elegance. Precisely in this way, the down jacket enters the Italian wardrobe, never to leave it again!

Over time, Aspesi has also been able to collaborate with great photographers from all over the world, such as Peter Lindbergh and Robert Frank, to underline the brand's love for beauty and aesthetics. The images that are part of the brand's communication are all characterized by a strong architectural and sophisticated connotation, the same that is reflected in the stores around the world, always minimal and classy.

The Aspesi man is exactly like this: minimal and classy. His attention to what he wears is total, his style is always refined and only apparently simple. In our online store, you will find Aspesi coats , jackets and vests that will be noticed in the chicest way possible.


Aspesi jackets and vests on Kissuomo

On Kissuomo , you will find a wide choice of Aspesi garments , including jackets, vests, down jackets, trench coats, trousers , essential for a man who loves to be elegant even in his free time.

For example, the jacket with a shirt collar , snap buttons and four pockets has a regular fit and a cut that you can wear on any occasion for relaxation and leisure, but also for work. Aspesi has never neglected technology, as can be seen from the knee- length down jacket , whose composition is  whose fabrics are designed to retain heat and protect you for a long time. For mid-season or to wear under a coat or down jacket, we recommend the Aspesi vest , a sleeveless, windproof, quick-drying, padded model that will be a precious ally for the harsh seasons. If you are looking for a sophisticated look, we recommend the classic trousers with pleats, reinforced seams and a soft fit, to combine with the precious padded trench coat with lapel collar, which you can also wear over a jacket , always feeling at ease.

Don't miss the iconic garments you find on our online store, timeless models that you can wear for many seasons to come.

How to match Aspesi jackets and waistcoats on Kissuomo

Combining Aspesi garments on Kissuomo is child's play! A quick glance is enough for you to understand that our outfits always have that extra edge. For example, the one composed by the brand together with the precious sweaters of Roberto Colliina , Made in Italy excellence, with a great passion for high quality materials. For shoes , we recommend the American brand Autry , with sneakers that will make your outfit casual and super trendy!