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CP Company Clothing: New Online Collection

22 09 2022

CP Company Clothing: New Online Collection

The newCP Company collection is now available online on our store. Our selection includes icon jackets with an exclusive and timeless style but not only that, you can also find sweatshirts , sweaters , t-shirts and various accessories including headphones and bum bags , with which you can create a compelling, dynamic look that never loses its distinctive trait of beauty and uniqueness.

This unmistakable brand was born in 1971 from the skills of designer Massimo Osti, who in recent years entered the world of clothing using methods used until then only for printing on paper, in fact he made constant use of the photocopier, silk-screen printing and of the quadricomy. His talent and experience as a graphic designer allowed him to create an exclusive communication style for his customers, offering free accessories and gadgets to shopkeepers.

Osti's experimentation does not stop here, together with the collaboration of a chemist in 1973 he introduced "garment dyeing", a process through which a garment, generally raw or white, is dyed only in the final phase of the production process. In this way the aesthetic advantage is notable: the brilliance and color obtained give a chromatic depth that is difficult to obtain using pre-dyed fabrics. This unprecedented move in the clothing sector allowed him to create an internal plant for the dyeing process in the company.

The garment dyeing still used today by the company is a real distinctive feature of this brand. Not only does it give brilliance and uniqueness to the garments, it is able to enhance the characteristics of the fabric materials, allowing the customer to wear exclusive clothes both for everyday life and for weekend adventures.


CP Company Jackets: Synonymous with Sportswear and Made In Italy

For over 45 years this brand has been continuously exploring and still offers us its particular reworking of archive military garments, with inimitable stylistic details such as its iconic Goggle Jacket, recognizable throughout the world, equipped with two lenses positioned on the hood and one third on the forearm useful for making the chronograph visible.

The innovative and experimental approach that is part of Osti's DNA has transformed the CP company into the chosen brand for all those who want to create a wardrobe capable of facing any daily challenge, in fact our selection ( online at ) is composed from both casual and elegant outfits, we go from tracksuits and hooded sweaters to crew-neck pullovers featuring the unmistakable lens on the sleeve, an inimitable symbol of CP Company.

The CP company jackets, which you can find online on , are a synonym of sportswear and made in Italy, such as Pro-Tek Jacket 5167 in ice color; a jacket with hood and adjustable drawstring, perfect for mid-season. It features several internal and external front zip pockets which make it a functional garment for everyday life without sacrificing style. The Pro-Tek fabric allows it to combine highly performing protective characteristics with the internal comfort of a sweatshirt. Its performance is also superior thanks to the additional weather-resistant coating.

Match CP Company on

The avant-garde spirit of this brand offers us must-have items that give a whimsical look to its loyal customers. Our online store is full of designers with whom you can combine CP Company garments to create a mix of original clothing for self-confident men determined to purchase garments that will accompany them for several seasons. For example, the 5159 crew neck sweater is perfect paired with a lace-up boot by Officine Creative for an elegant outfit that remains ultra-modern. If instead you want to obtain a comfortable and sporty style you can opt for the CP Company 5153b hooded shirt together with a pair of New Balance sneakers.

all available online and in store on