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Ballantyne - Made in Italy Refinement just a click away

26 05 2023

Search for style and love for details. This represents Ballantyne, a fashion brand that has made quality its banner. Now, thanks to, you can bring home the timeless elegance of Ballantyne with a simple click.

1. A journey into the world of Ballantyne
Ballantyne was born in Scotland in 1921, but today it is a point of reference for Made in Italy. Known for its hand-knitted cashmere sweaters, Ballantyne represents the excellence of men's fashion, combining tradition and innovation in each garment.

2. The superior quality of Ballantyne jerseys
In the Ballantyne collection of, you will find a vast selection of cashmere sweaters. These garments are made with fine yarns, ensuring comfort, durability and an unparalleled look. Ballantyne sweaters are ideal for those looking for a touch of elegance on every occasion.


3. Ballantyne and much more
In addition to the iconic shirts, the Ballantyne collection on offers much more. Jackets, shirts, trousers - each piece reflects the brand's commitment to creating high-quality clothing. Explore the collection and discover how Ballantyne can revolutionize your wardrobe.

4. The timeless elegance of Ballantyne outerwear
Ballantyne outerwear is synonymous with style and refinement. Made with premium materials, these garments offer protection and a timeless look. Perfect for the modern man who wants to stand out in every situation.

5. Ballantyne is the perfect accessory
Don't forget the accessories! Scarves, ties, belts - the Ballantyne collection offers everything you need to complete your outfit. Let the details speak for you and reflect your impeccable taste. is proud to present Ballantyne, a brand that continues to write the history of men's fashion with its dedication to quality and elegance. Whether you are looking for a classic garment or a touch of modernity, the Ballantyne collection on has what's right for you.