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Autry Men's Medalist Sneakers online

19 10 2023

The renowned Autry brand surprises once again with the launch of its new line of Medalist sneakers, designed specifically for the modern man who does not give up style in everyday comfort. These sneakers represent more than just a shoe: they are the emblem of a lifestyle, of a desire for excellence that manifests itself in every detail.

An Ode to Comfort and Style
The Autry Medalist is a celebration of the perfect balance between comfort and eye-catching aesthetics. Designed to be worn all day, these sneakers combine an innovative sole, which guarantees unparalleled cushioning, with a line that pays homage to the great classics, making them immediately recognisable.

Timeless Design
The design of the Medalist is inspired by vintage silhouettes, recalling the nostalgia of the great athletic eras, but with a decidedly contemporary touch. The materials chosen are top quality, and each element is designed to contribute to a refined look that does not go unnoticed.

Versatility for Every Occasion
One of the most popular features of Medalist sneakers is their incredible versatility. Perfect with casual clothing but capable of adding a touch of boldness to a more formal outfit, these shoes are the ideal accessory for any occasion, from the work day to a weekend in the city.

Details that Make the Difference
What makes the Medalist unique are the details: from the exposed stitching that decorates the upper to the texture variations that enrich the design, every element is taken care of with precision. The range of colors available also allows you to choose the perfect model for your personal style.


Commitment to Sustainability
With a careful eye on environmental responsibility, Autry is committed to choosing materials and production processes that reduce ecological impact, without compromising quality or style. The Medalist sneakers are no exception, confirming the brand's commitment in this direction.

Medalist distinctive features:

  • Retro-modern aesthetic : a design that blends classic influences with contemporary accents.

  • Supreme comfort : materials and technologies designed for maximum comfort in every situation.

  • Versatility of use : the perfect choice for a variety of contexts and fashion combinations.

Autry's Medalist sneakers are confirmed as an unrivaled style choice for the modern man. They represent not just a fashion purchase, but an investment in comfort, quality and sustainability. For those looking for a sneaker that offers something extra, that stands out in the forest of proposals on the market, the Medalist is the answer: a shoe that leaves its mark on the podium of contemporary fashion.