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Run for Men


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Discover the Run-of Collection by Kissuomo

Kissuomo presents its Run-of collection, an exclusive selection of men's clothing characterized by a mix of style, trends and originality. Each item has been chosen to represent the essence of the brand: a single concept in continuous evolution, capable of combining emerging and international brands expressing the fashion of different seasons.

In the Run-of collection, you can find different proposals following the common thread of the latest trends without ever losing the unique identity of Kissuomo. This collection is the expression of the high quality that distinguishes the ecommerce of Kissuomo, a shopping experience that goes beyond the simple purchase and aims to satisfy the desires and tastes of every single man.

  • Original and unique clothing
  • High quality guaranteed by the brand
  • Extreme care in the choice of fabrics and models

Choose the exclusivity and originality of Run-of items and let yourself be guided by the passion for fashion by Kissuomo, for a style that reflects the trends of the moment but never fails to express its own identity.