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Pro Keds Men


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A Look at the Pro-Keds Men's Collection

The Pro-Keds Men's collection is a refined selection of high-quality shoes that perfectly combine style, comfort, and functionality. In every pair of Pro-Keds, the brand's unmistakable vintage charm is evident, harmoniously blending classic elements with contemporary details.

This brand is a veritable institution in the world of sportswear and casual clothing. Founded in 1949, Pro-Keds has made its mark on the history of sneakers, becoming a style icon worn by athletes, artists and cultural influencers on the thread of a constantly evolving seasonal style.

Details that Make the Difference

Pro-Keds shoes are sophisticated and casual at the same time, functional for everyday life but also ideal for completing more refined outfits. They stand out for their ability to combine a comfortable and durable structure with an attractive design.

Some details that make this collection's shoes unique include:

  • High-quality materials
  • A comfortable fit
  • A variety of fashionable colors
  • Durable laces
  • The Pro-Keds logo present on every shoe

Find Your Style with Pro-Keds

With a wide range of options to choose from, the Pro-Keds Men's collection offers a fit for every style and personality. Whether you're looking for a simple and elegant sneaker or a bolder, more colorful model, Pro-Keds has the answer.

Kissuomo, with its keen eye for trends but rooted in quality, is the perfect place to find your new pair of Pro-Keds. We are proud to offer a selection of footwear that reflects the brand's excellence, perfectly in line with the unique identity of our store.